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Personal Data

Name:                    Dr. rer. nat. Simeon Santourlidis

Date of birth:       May 4, 1965

Place of birth:      Neuss, Germany

Citizenship:           German

Address:                 Institute for Transplantation Diagnostics and Cell Therapeutics
                                  Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf
                                  Moorenstrasse 5, Bldg. 14.80, 40225 Düsseldorf
                                  Phone: +49-211 81 16905 / Fax: +49-211 81 19429

Private address:   Venloerstrasse 39, 41462 Neuss


1996                         M. Sc. in Biology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

2000                         Ph. D. in Biology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany


1995-1996              M. Sc. Thesis at Institute for Molecular Parasitology of the
                                   Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany (Head: Prof. W.

1997 - 2000            Ph. D. Thesis at Department for Molecular Urology (Prof. W.A.
                                   Schulz) of Clinic of Urology ( Prof. R. Ackermann),
                                   Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

2000 - 2008            Post-doctoral Fellow at the Young Investigator Group ‘Function
                                   of Natural Killer Cells’ (Prof. M. Uhrberg)
                                   Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

Since 2008              Head of Epigenetics Core Laboratory at Institute for
                                   Transplantation Diagnostics and Cell Therapeutics,
                                   Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

Publications (1999-2009)

1:         Santourlidis S, Graffmann N, Christ J, Uhrberg M. Lineage-specific transition of
             histone signatures in the killer cell Ig-like receptor locus from hematopoietic
             progenitor to NK cells. J Immunol 2008.

2:         Edgar Grinstein, Yihua Du, Simeon Santourlidis, Julia christ, Markus Uhrberg and
             Peter Wernet. Nucleolin regulating gene expression in CD34 positive
             hematopoietic cells. J Biol Chem 2007.

3:         Graffmann N, Santourlidis S, Christ J, Wernet P, Uhrberg M. Direct and quantitative
             analysis of chromatin accessibility by MIRECAL--a Micrococcus nuclease/real-
             time PCR chromatin accessibility assay with locus specificity. Anal Biochem

4:         Trundley AE, Hiby SE, Chang C, Sharkey AM, Santourlidis S, Uhrberg M, Trowsdale
             J, Moffett A. Molecular characterization of KIR3DL3. Immunogenetics 2006.

5:         Hans-Ingo Trompeter, Natalia Gomez-Lozano, Simeon Santourlidis, Britta Eisermann,
             Peter Wernet, Carlos Vilches, and Markus Uhrberg. Three Structurally and
             Functionally Divergent Kinds of Promoters Regulate Expression of Clonally
             Distributed Killer Cell Ig-Like Receptors (KIR), of KIR2DL4, and of KIR3DL3. J
             Immunol 2005.

6:         Santourlidis S, Kimura F, Fischer J, Schulz WA. Suppression of clonogenicity by
             mammalian Dnmt1 mediated by the PCNA-binding domain. Biochem Cell Biol

7:         Stallmach A, Wittig BM, Kremp K, Goebel R, Santourlidis S, Zeitz M, Menges M,
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             carcinomas is associated with hypermethylation of the CD44 promoter region.
             Exp Mol Pathol 2003.

8:         Kimura F, Seifert HH, Florl AR, Santourlidis S, Steinhoff C, Swiatkowski S, Mahotka
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             relative to cell proliferation in transitional cell carcinoma. Int J Cancer 2003.

9:         Santourlidis S, Trompeter HI, Weinhold S, Eisermann B, Meyer KL, Wernet P,
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10:       Schulz WA, Elo JP, Florl AR, Pennanen S, Santourlidis S, Engers R, Buchardt M,
             Seifert HH, Visakorpi T. Genomewide DNA hypomethylation is associated with
             alterations on chromosome 8 in prostate carcinoma. Genes Chromosomes
             Cancer 2002.

11:       Leube B, Drechsler M, Muhlmann K, Schafer R, Schulz WA, Santourlidis S,
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12:       Santourlidis S, Warskulat U, Florl AR, Maas S, Pulte T, Fischer J, Muller W, Schulz
             WA. Hypermethylation of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily 6
             (APT1, Fas, CD95/Apo-1)gene promoter at rel/nuclear factor kappaB sites in
             prostatic carcinoma. Mol Carcinog 2001.

13:       Santourlidis S, Florl A, Ackermann R, Wirtz HC, Schulz WA. High frequency of
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14:       Aguiar J, Santurlidis S, Nowok J, Alexander C, Rudnicki D, Gispert S, Schulz W,
             Auburger G. Identification of the physiological promoter for spinocerebellar
             ataxia 2 gene reveals a CpG island for promoter activity situated into the exon 1
             of this gene and provides data about the origin of the nonmethylated state of
             these types of islands. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1999.